About Us


My name is Kalliopi (Kali) or (Poppy)

Warm welcome to Kalitheo creations.

All the jewellery are designed and created by me. With the belief that Jewellery is the last piece of the puzzle when creating your perfect outfits, and a dream to make all women feel Beautiful and Glamorous at all times.

My designs and inspiration is TODAY'S WOMAN, feminine, empowering, individual and glamorous. The love of classic glamour to the Modern Sophisticated and Playful designs allow me to play and design Jewellery for all occasions. 

Where it is not all about one style... but about YOUR style...

My love appreciation and passion for all hand-crafted pieces been introduced to me by my mother at a very young age, she is my critic and my inspiration...

As a designer and creator of 10 years in jewellery, I have been involved with many techniques such as stringing which was when my love for jewellery making, first sparked a fire in my heart and from there has become my passion. To beading, bead embroidery/ to wire wrapping, wire crochet, silver plated, copper and sterling silver to creating beautiful Fine silver jewellery.

What you will find as you are strolling through my store is many types of jewellery, which I love all equally, as the actual process doesn't really change just the technique. It all starts with an idea, a suggestion or a request from what, my customers have envisioned.. to a design to a product that will be adored and worn for many years to come.

Most important to me and my brand Kalitheo Creations is YOU the customer... YOUR Style... YOUR Individuality... and YOUR critic.

Your satisfaction is what brings my creations to life.


Custom Orders and repairs are welcomed.

Please Enjoy! and do not hesitate to ask any question. Happy to answer all of your queries.






Casula, NSW. 2170